some superbowl ads before the superbowl

Here's a PepsiMax spot that made me chuckle. (Is it ok to use the word chuckle?)
And here's a Pepsi Stuff ad for the JT fans.

Watch them now, so on Sunday, you can say to your friends "I already saw those. That's so last week."

Not to be outdone, Coke has created a blog devoted to their history of big game spots. This will be good if they continue well past the Superbowl, and really talk about the brand. Let's watch. Nothing worse than brands that launch blogs and forget about them a week later.

5 principles of installation advertising

Advertising's totally awesome superhero, Advergirl, writes an outstanding post about outdoor. Specifically, installations. Titled Avoiding Purple Gorillas: 5 Principles of Installation Advertising, this is a must read.

where is your old cellphone?

Inhabitant points to a cool piece titled The Secret Life of Cellphones. The video showcases the fact that most people don't know they can recycle their phones. Many keep them, many toss them in the garbage.

There's a massive opportunity here for a cell brand. Most brands have a recycle box tucked away in the back corner of their retail stores, out of view from their customers.

What about a brand campaign that encourages consumers to recycle? Wouldn't that be a unique way to drive traffic to their stores? And encourage people from competing brands to come into their stores and recycle? All while sending a "we care about the world and environment" brand message. Hello?

brooklyn gets covered in green

Street artist Edina Tokodi is installing art throughout the Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood. Only instead of paint or pasted paper, she's using moss. Cool.

awesome quotes found on twitter

My Twitter lovefest continues. Here's a handful of twitteriffic quotes I've found in recent days. From beautious and inspired to downright hilarious. Enjoy.

From Chris Brogan's feed:
"Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless."- Mary Kay Ash.

"What's your twitter bio < 140: Me? I stay up late and come up with ideas for brands, and pretty much anyone else." From MTLB

"more people die for love than from cancer" crimes of passion are common. From LoicLemeur

"Just saw on poster: avoid pregnancy during alcohol" From JJProjects

"But will Obama do something about uneven sound levels between TV shows and commercials, that’s the thing. You know, the important stuff." MTLB

"My boss's boss just came in and asked me if he could borrow a few Leadership books. What's wrong with this picture? :)" From bradjward

Someone should do a Twitter book. Think of all of the cool quotes, the legendary conversations that have taken place....that would be sweet.

happy thursday.

Feeling great? Here's a beautiful spot that should bring your mood right on down below depressing. Great probono work by Agency DDB Sydney.

new jumper ad is cool

The new movie Jumper is enjoying some pretty smart creative. Check out the ad/lead-in to the trailer. Nice work. From AdFreak.

watch the demo demonstrations from the comfort of your home. or office.

Today is the last day of DEMO, a super cool conference geared toward emerging technologies, stuff, and new stuff.

A little bit trade show, a little bit product demonstration, a little bit venture capital party. Anyway - you can peak in on the fun and some of the cool new products at their site - where they stream the presentations live. You can also watch the presentations from earlier in the week, like Skyfire (above), the new mobile internet browser that has everyone's pants on fire with excitement.

watch nothing but commercials between now and superbowl

Firebrand, the site/channel/brand that's all about commercials and nothing else, celebrates what we love most about the Superbowl. Screw the Giants or the Pats, you know why we really watch.

Firebrand has organized a week long commercial celebration to lead up to the game, and their nationally declared day, Firebrand Monday. Anyway, here's how you can organize your viewing schedule (or your TIVO, to the ION channel) this week:

Sunday: Watch the game, I guess.


(Sorry for all of the CAPS, I copied right from their press release, and I'm too lazy to change it.)

Oh yeah - their promo spot, above is pretty damn funny. Geez, I wish that Firebrand would produce the Superbowl. Then we wouldn't have to deal with all of that sport crap in-between our commercials.

find, embed, link all of your favorite music.

Check out this amazing music search engine, SeeqPod. Search for just about any song in the world, and listen to it immediately. Get the song's lyrics, the artist's MySpace page, tour dates, and even embed it into your blog. Setup a playlist, and share it. Pretty cool.

I've chosen to embed your favorite Rick Astley song above, because I know how much you love to rock out on a Wednesday morning.

Found through Jesse Kanner, via Facebook

data junkies, rejoice

Thought gadgets points to the most datalicious graph of every possible technique of displaying data. This could fuel your PowerPoint presentations for the rest of your lifetime. This could fuel the PowerPoint presentations of your future generations. Let data reign.

five steps to good twittiquette

If you're a regular BrandFlakes reader, you know that I'm a pretty big fan of Twitter. Here's why you should be too. As much as I love it, there are a handful of annoying things too...which led me to compose my five steps to good twittequette.

Like etiquette, not everyone has it - not everyone choses to use it. But in most social circles, a fair amount of etiquette (or Twittiquette, in this case) will do you well. So here goes:

1. Don't be a lurker. Here's the thing. As you follow your Twitter friends activities, you're going to feel connected to them. Over time, they could even become actual friends. But not if you're invisible. Join the conversation. Don't think that what you have to say isn't important enough or interesting enough. It is.

2. Don't brag to the twitterverse that you've reached a new threshold in followers. Nobody cares that you have 200, 500, or 1000 followers. I follow Henry Rollins because he's one of the most interesting human beings on earth. Not because he has 2000 followers.

3. Don't stress (or tweet about it) when a follower leaves you. (Maybe she was tired of all the bragging about the number of followers you had.) Nothing's more disgusting than a sore loser. Don't be one. It's not the number of followers that matters here.

4. If I follow you, follow me. Unless you're Henry Rollins famous. If your timeline's too cluttered - start another Twitter stream. One for your close friends and family, and another for your public persona.

5. Don't tweet about every single blog post you've written. You're a blogger. Hooray. So am I, and so is everyone else on the planet. If you've got one particular post that you're very proud of, or believe to be relevant to a current conversation, then please share. But don't be a link whore.

5a. Twitter can be an awesome promotional tool - but separate your conversations to be audience appropriate. Shameless self-promotion on your personal Twitter? Wrong. Setting up a separate Twitter stream to handle live coverage of your product's next event? Awesome.

What would you add to this list?

See you on the Twittersphere.

turn your house into an apple store

Here's everything you need to turn your house into an Apple store. And why wouldn't you? Oobject outlines every detail, and even includes links to all of the manufacturers and suppliers, so that you can get everything you need.

Have fun. Let me know when you're open - I'd like to stop by the Genius Bar. From Advertising Lab.

publicity wit realizes my genius

PR blogger Laura Newman has posted a really awesome interview with me! I swear that I didn't even pay her anything for this.

I ramble on about branding, hiring an agency, and the social media bandwagon. Read it and worship my total genius. Memorize every word that I've said, because this will be important. Shepard Fairey is probably preparing my portrait as we speak.

shepard fairey endorses obama

Wow. I won't take political sides on BrandFlakes - but take a look at the brand power here. Legendary artist Shepard Fairey has created a series of prints of Obama. And completely endorsed him. This is interesting.

+ It's rare for a brand like Obey to take specific political sides. Certainly commonplace to take a stand against the status quo, against the war, etc. But for a brand or artist of Shepard's notoriety to endorse a particular candidate, this early in the game is unique. Creating a line of 'products' centered around the candidate is unheard of, I believe.

+ Posters of Obama. Can you remember a candidate that has carried the brand/star power worthy of posters that people would want to hang in their homes? Not since Kennedy, in my opinion.

Say what you want about candidates - but Obama has unbelievable brand power. Brand Managers, watch and learn. Found on Notcot.

breakfast with robert scoble, mark zuckerberg and the president of pakistan.

A bunch of very notable bloggers and internet geeks were on hand to cover the World Economic Forum in Switzerland this past week.

You can see some of the coverage (originally streamed live) via cell phone video, on Qik. Absolutely engaging to watch.

Anyway, among the kabillion and two interesting things that took place, Robert Scoble met Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. They went to breakfast with Pakistani President, Pervez Musharraf. (Can you imagine??) Scoble interviews Mark, and shares the details on his blog. At one point, they met up with Linden Labs/Second Life CEO Phillip Rosedale, too. Anyway, you'll love Zuckerberg even more, and be pretty stoked with his vision for Facebook.

Photo from Scoble's Flickr set, featuring Rosedale and Zuckerberg. (And how cool that Zuckerberg sports a hoody in a land of ties and suits?? Awesome.)

some famous business people tell you what you should be doing

Some quick, one-liner marketing advice from a bunch of internet famous marketing geeks. There's actually some good stuff here.

My favorite: “Attracting is the new selling." Jackie Huba, Church of the Customer (pictured above)

Found by Guy Kawasaki (also quoted in the list), via Twitter.

know everything about all of the ads in the superbowl

Impress all of your non-industry friends with your predictions of what commercials will air when, and what the content of the spots will contain.

Do it all with the superlicious superbowl ad spoiler guide from Adland.

Better yet, now you can be that guy that talks over every spot just as it's starting, and say profound things like "oh yeah, this is the spot where they honk at every house to find the deaf guy's house. Har, har, har, I love this spot."

the ultimate break

Some beautiful work, featuring Kit Kat. It would be an insult to call this piece a spot. Or a commercial. Awesome. From David Armano, via Twitter.

the most awesome setting for a photo shoot

This is begging to be the location for a fashion photo shoot. Once a boom town thanks to the hunt for diamonds, Kolmanskop is now a ghost town. Once the humans left, the desert took back the landscape. Beautious. From BoingBoing.

the world is your panorama

Check out this awe-inspiring collection of virtual panoramic photos, from all over the world. A snapshot from the Saarinen designed terminal at JFK is featured above. Stunning. From Mave Gibson, via Facebook.

this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most lemonly delicious design and branding firm:

The week started with a day off, thanks to Martin Luther King. Awesome.

Construction continues on the addition to our space. They're painting the walls. Next week carpet comes, and they should install our custom wainscoting, which will look a little bit like this, on the back wall of the space. Because our space used to be an old theater, we want the wall to look like a classic architectural element that we uncovered in the process of renovation. That's the plan, anyway.

New desks for the new space arrived - but it's all just a tease, because we can't put anything in there yet. Our workspace is an absolute MESS, with furniture everywhere, plastic barriers blocking construction, and sheetrock dust. Oh, sheetrock dust. And did we mention that construction dudes really like to blast top 40 music on their radio?

We're hiring again! Two positions - a full-time programmer/front-end web developer, and a part-time office position.

It was really cold this week. In the teens every morning, as we drove to work. We should get awards just for waking up and adventuring to the office in such crap. Agencies in California suck a little more this week. :)

gamers: leave us alone...

Psychologist Cooper Lawrence went on a Fox News program, and ranted about the “full digital nudity and sex” featured in the Mass Effect video game, for the Xbox 360. Turns out that there isn’t any full digital nudity and sex in the game.

Sounds like Cooper didn't actually play the video game she was denouncing - or at least check her facts beforehand. And gamers went wild. Her book soon saw more than 500 one star reviews on Amazon. It got so out of hand, that Amazon had to intervene. Gamer's revenge. Sweet.

what if your photos could self destruct?

I'm constantly reminding my teenagers that the "internet is permanent." Anything you post today could be seen by a future girlfriend, boss or family member. What's acceptable (or in style) today may look ridiculous five years from now.

So, 37 Signals has a wonderful idea. Blog, video and photo posts that expire with time. Wouldn't that be awesome? Think of the embarrassing stuff you could be putting on line. You know, like dressing up as if you were a member of a boy band. Just an idea.

jj abrams inspires at ted

Watch JJ Abrams, the man of the moment, and his presentation at TED. Totally inspiring. See JJ's mystery box, learn about tools, tricks and be inspired. Will make you want to dive into the tools you're surrounded by, and create things.

One of the things that amazed me: the original episode of Lost was written, cast and produced in ELEVEN weeks. I'll never bitch about a production schedule again.

Wanna go to TED yourself this year? There's a pass for sale on eBay.

turn down your volume

Cool spot for Pepsi, that will debut on the Superbowl. The production was created and performed by EnAble, a network in PepsiCo which supports diversity and the inclusion of persons with different abilities. See behind the scenes on the making of the spot here. Nice.

countdown to the audi superbowl

Audi is sooo stoked about their Superbowl spot, that they've created a countdown, so that you can watch in anticipation as every second passes between now and super ad Sunday. Think the SuperBowl copyright dudes will mind my "audi superbowl" blog title?

Thanks Diana!

worst ever super bowl ads

To get you even more stoked for the upcoming east coast Superbowl, Adland has put together a wonderful collection of all of the crappiest spots from the Superbowls of yesteryear.

after the dinosaurs died, there was ansi art

Geek goddess Irina Slutsky stops by the coolest geek art show - an entire gallery show devoted ANSI art. This is a wonderful tribute to the artists of the earliest days of the world wide interweb - who typically used this art as headers to their bulletin boards. It's especially inspiring when you learn how time-intensive the production process was.

That's what the internet was like, before there was internet, and when we all lived in caves. Without wifi.

the land of misfit toys really exists

BuyMyTronics is a new service that buys your old, unwanted, or broken ipods, iphones, Playstations, Zunes (!) and other gadgets. They repair them, and then sell them used. It's the ultimate in green gadget recycling program.

You don't have to feel guilty about your dead iPod in a landfill, and you make money to boot. Someone who couldn't afford a new iPod gets your refurbished model, once it's fixed. Everyone wins. What an awesome business model for our greenlicious future. From EcoGeek.

tom cruise silliness more popular than hollywood blockbuster?

Scott over at Idea Grove does some interesting math and concludes that more people have watched the Tom Cruise scientology video than have seen his girl's movie Mad Money, during its opening weekend.

can design make water in cans taste good?

Will people drink water from cans? What if they were really pretty? What if they were called canettes?

Fashion house Paul and Joe have apparently teamed with Perrier to make cans of pretty water. Same water, just packaged in designer, collector cans. Sometimes working in the brand industry is just plain embarrassing. Or is it just genius??

the trailer for the movie for mac heads

The trailer for Macheads the Movie is out. This should be riveting. Will the stars live until the end? Will the special effects be believable? Spoiler alert: I predict that in the end of the film, the characters will really like Apple.

Thanks Brian!!

breakthrough study reveals: duh.

What's worse - the people that fund these studies, or the blogs like BrandFlakes that perpetuate them?

A new study finds that teens think that social sites and entertainment on the internet are more exciting than news.

Here's some other treats of knowledge, that I've learned over countless hours of research. Hopefully my posting of this information will save valuable research dollars in the future:

+ Most adults would choose a chocolate bar over lima beans, if given the choice.
+ The majority of teens find pop music more enjoyable than classical music.
+ Teen girls find the smell of perfumes and body sprays more attractive than the scent of vomit.
+ The majority of adults who hold jobs usually wear shoes to the workplace.

This data should make for some powerful PPT pie charts, in your next presentation.

who's in the superbowl

Forget the game. Let's get to the spots. Advertising Age has the complete breakdown on who's buying what on the Superbowl. I mean "Big Game."

And then, on the day after the Big Game, you can check out FireBrand. They've branded the day "Firebrand Monday," and will be featuring tons of SuperBowl ad coverage prior to and after the event.

I'm going to go try and tell Justus (pictured above) that he's not dressed in appropriate attire for the workplace, today. Wish me luck. I think I can take him.

social media good for search engine optimization

Junta 42 has an interesting experiment showing the importance of using social media for search engine optimization. We'll be the first to tell you that this isn't (and shouldn't) be your only reason for participating in any social media - but it's nice to see proof of its impact.

furniture made from melted rope

In all of my teen years of lighting plastic rope on fire and watching the flaming plastic drip off like fireballs, I never imagined that you could build furniture using the same technique. The chair pictured above was crafted from one giant ball of rope.

You can watch a video on how it was made here. The feature site is down now, thanks to the massive traffic of the original BoingBoing post. I need some matches.

how to beat the iphone: watch nokia

Nokia's on fire. They've got sweet product placement in Cloverfield. They've got new web2.0 services like Qik practically dependent on them. And they've got something the iPhone doesn't have: video.

You can trick your iPhone into recording video. And some future software release (or the next iPhone) will surely include this. But for now - Nokia's taking advantage of the situation. They're even (supposedly) putting together a nice deal with Facebook. They've found features and benefits that offer something the iPhone can't - and are doing everything they can to make you want them. That's marketing. Awesome.

kids today: they don't know google.

So kids today have had the internet since the day they were born. Marketers hear this, and make a bunch of assumptions. They're not all correct. A new UK study shows that kids aren't great searchers (maybe because they don't have the life experience to give them the right search terms), for instance.

What did the study find of interest? Ars Technica finds three things we tend to agree with:

Kids like to cut-and-paste. Look at the explosion of mashups parodies and collaborative works generated by the internet generation. This isn't a new form of lazy - it's a new way of looking at content.

They prefer visual information over text. Duh. I'd say that the majority of humans fall into this category.

They multitask all the time. This is a great point that marketers need to understand. People write off tv as if it doesn't exist anymore. It does - it's just that it's no longer the primary media. Every teen has the tv on in the background, as they're cruising the internet. And internet sites can't expect to get all of the attention either. They're competing with multiple browser tabs, online gaming, IM and other online fun-generators.

Check out the study for yourself, and use it for some interesting factoids in your next PowerPoint presentation.

jwt creates giant homeless dude to take your coat

JWT in New York did a cool thing. They run an annual coat drive, for the homeless. That's a worthwhile cause, and one that any New York worker could relate to.

This year, to remind employees and visitors to donate their old coats, artist Julie Rutigliano created a massive installation in one of their lobbies, of a giant homeless dude. A homeless dude so big that he takes up multi-stories, in the JWT multi-storied lobby. A homeless dude so big, he could have starred in Cloverfield. A homeless dude that looks at a glance like...Iggy Pop?? Anyway...this homeless dude also has a wall full of hooks around him - so that people can hang their donated coats.

By the end of the drive, JWT had four times as many coats as expected, and the lobby installation was a super coated giant. Nice.

bring your site down to generate traffic and buzz

David Rydell points to an interesting Apple tactic, that works as a part of their massive buzz generation machine.

There are so many things that brands can learn from Apple and their product announcements. Pingdom, (ironically, the people whose business stems from keeping servers LIVE) points to one in particular that others haven't latched onto. With each major new Apple product announcement, the Apple site is brought down. Essentially closed up for a short period of time while they prepare to add the new products.

This down-time adds to the buzz. Why is Apple the only one to leverage down-time? A couple of years ago, the Gap did something similar - (although I'm convinced it was by accident, as it lasted days.)

Certainly, not every brand or business has the necessary factors to make this successful. You'd need massive regular traffic (so that people notice), significant press attention (so that people notice) and something worthy of the relaunch (so that people notice.) But there are other brands out there that could pull this off.

What about you? If you pulled the plug, would people notice?

this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most rockin' design and branding firm:

Giuli got promoted! We've created a new position, "Producer", that will be responsible for managing all projects at the agency. She'll be the point person for clients to get project updates, keep projects on budget, and work with our creatives to get them the tools and information they need. (Basically, she'll make sure that our agency actually pulls off what Diana and I promise to clients.)

We're also hiring. We've got two new positions to fill. The first is a part-time Office Assistant. And we're looking for a front-end web developer. (Details on that position coming in the next few days).

Construction dudes made a ton of progress on our new addition. You can watch a video of before the wall came down, and see David and Justus actually pull an entire wall down. (After Joe and his construction crew pre-cut the boards and removed everything dangerous.)

Our office is an absolute mess, due to the construction. Plastic sheeting is covering half of our space, my desk no longer exists, and we're all struggling through conference calls to the sound of reciprocating saws.

Meanwhile, furniture is starting to arrive. Everyone's pretty stoked about the egg chairs, pictured above.

We started experimenting with our Chumby. It's pretty cool, and we've already got some fun ideas for clients. We'll share more next week.

We lost our internet for a few hours this morning. Seemed like an eternity.

We're off to enjoy a three day weekend, thanks to the wonderful Martin Luther King!

don't fight it

Check out this great spot for Monster.

really cool biz cards

Check out this sweet Flickr set of cool business cards. Thanks Leigh!

social media and the next disaster

Google's doing good stuff again.'s technology project titled InSTEDD, is pulling together some friendly technologies like Twitter and Facebook, to better prepare us for situations like emergencies or natural disasters.

This is a cool idea - but we've got a ways to go as far as stability is concerned. Twitter was brought to it's knees earlier this week, because too many people were twittering about the Steve Jobs keynote speech. One can only imagine how it would hold up in the event of a natural disaster. That said, as a communication tool for regional disasters (like Hurricane Katrina) these tools would be awesome.

a good excuse to cover yourself in cheetos at the office today

MakeTheLogoBigger Bill has discovered the Orange Underground.

An excellent campaign for Cheetos. A really, really excellent campaign. Completely integrated. A Cheetos spot on television (some people still watch it), plus websites and YouTube. Social participation. Really nice job by Goodby Silverstein. This is how we do it, yo.

keep the lawyers out of the room

Wow. Must be "how not to handle social media" day. First Target, now Mattel and Hasbro.

If you're on Facebook (and if you're not, what are you doing??) you've probably heard of the application Scrabulous. Maybe it's reinvigorated your love for the game.

Well Hasbro and Mattel apparently just woke up and discovered the game. Were they delighted that this social media device was invigorating their brand? Did they embrace it and find a way to make it theirs?

Nope. They sent attorneys. Matt Dickman has a wonderful post on what their approach and thinking could have been. Or should have been.

how not to run a PR department

Believe what you want about the controversial Target ad featuring a girl on the Target logo, with her special place as the bull's eye.

Whether you like the concept or think it's sexist, this is NOT the way to handle it when things start to blow up.

When blogger Amy contacted them to see if they realized their ad might be controversial, they hit her back with this reply:

"Good Morning Amy,

Thank you for contacting Target; unfortunately we are unable to respond to your inquiry because Target does not participate with non-traditional media outlets. This practice is in place to allow us to focus on publications that reach our core guest.

Once again thank you for your interest, and have a nice day."

Yikes. Target??? Doesn't acknowledge non-traditional media outlets like blogs? There are sooo many ways this could have been handled. And this one's not even on the list.

Does your PR team understand social media? Would they know how to react? Better to ask yourself the question now, and be prepared. (Your agency is at the studio, putting a naked girl on a banana seat bike for your next campaign. Hurry.)

blacker than black is the new black

Some really bored scientists have discovered how to make the blackiest black black. With nanotubes and magic beakers and science toys, they've scientifically proven this is the blackiest of all blacks. Blacker than dark black. Blacker than flat black.

No word on whether or not they plan on releasing a line of black jeans or cool black sneakers. I would really like a pair of black jeans that could immediately absorb all of the light of any room that I walked into. They should get working on that.

what a beautiful place to crap

Paula Scher just designed the most beautious graphics on the most wonderful pay toilet ever seen by human eyes. It's located in Madison Square Park, in NYC. Hell, if it's got wifi, I might just set up and work from there next week.

They should just rename Madison Square Park to Paula Scher Park. This toilet is across the street from her Pentagram office. The park is also the home to the world famous Shake Shack, which sports a Paula Scher identity. And, she designed the identity for the park, too.

That's it. From this day forward, I'm referring to it as Paula Scher Park.

in the days before blogs and social media and the internets

Apparently, people used to read their news on these super large, poster sized pieces of paper, that were delivered to their homes by child workers on bikes. They were called newspapers.

The news was written at least a day before! The papers were so large, they were difficult to fit on a desk or kitchen table, and were printed in such poor quality, that the ink would rub off onto the reader's fingers.

If you'd like to learn more about these dark times, ToddAnd has a terrific post about the history of newspapers.

that model looks like a cow

I love seeing behind the scenes from other agencies. DJ Stout from the world famous Pentagram agency just redesigned the Dairy Today magazine. (Dairy Today. Who knew? I've got to get me a subscription card.)

You can watch a cute clip from the photo shoot over at SwissMiss.

obligatory mac post.

What? Everyone else is doing it.

you've been deputized.

File this under "wish I thought of it."

Introducing the design police. A full set of templates that you can print on sticker paper on your own printer, and then walk around town like a design sheriff. Fun stickers that allow you to call attention to bad design.

I so want to harvest this idea and create a different set of stickers. One that includes 3rd eyes, scars, bullet holes, Frankenstein plugs and blood drip. I could enhance outdoor advertising all day long. So much fun.

What do Design Police uniforms look like? I bet they're hot.

RFP's. Stupid business concept turns into cool agency promo tool.

Every agency will tell you that an RFP is the WORST way to hire an agency. In fact, we usually won't even respond to them anymore, at our firm. If this is news to you, you'll definitely want to read SmashLAB's post about this.

Anyway - New Orleans agency Trumpet has turned the tables around. Or whatever the expression is. They've created an RFP...or Request for Problem, and sent it to Chief Marketing Officers across the land. That's a cool idea.

Agencies solve problems. And this is a nice way to illustrate the concept to marketing geeks. Nice job!

waterfalls on the east river!

This spring will bring possibly the coolest art exhibit ever to the East River, in New York City.

Artist Olafur Eliasson plans on creating A 60 - 70 foot waterfall. While his 20 foot waterfall in Scotland is really cute, I'm sure that's nothing compared to a 65 foot tower of sculpture, spewing water, sewage, junk and bodies through the air. How romantic.

the coolest sales collateral at CES

Apartment Therapy points
to a very funny promo handout promoting home servers at the CES show. Great conceptual, design and writing. Nice work.

barbershops: the next cool retail

Rudy's is reinventing the barber shop. And they've really done it well. Cool website, space to die for, and people you want to hang with.

Unlike other cool-oriented retail brands that put up the same space from city to city, Rudy's attempts to "become the social hub" of the neighborhood they're in. (Ummm...isn't that what barbershops used to be? Back in the Andy Griffith days?)

If it's Hip has a nice overview of the whole Rudy's experience, and even points to a great feature they had in Metropolis, too. Check them both out.

When we were on tour this summer, we got to visit the coolest barber in Dallas, Texas. (More pics here). Locals referred to him as the rockabilly barber. He was awesome - and we had a blast drinking beer, looking at vintage Playboy mags, and watching Rob get his haircut.

I'm convinced this is a concept that could work on a local, even suburban basis too. Just like coffee shops. You can find a cool, local coffee shop in just about every market in the US. So why not barbershops? Can't wait for the Rudy's near me.

orange you glad you didn't do CES?

Engadget has a good rundown of all the things you needed to see at CES. Or wanted to see, but the media you watch only covers the big tv screens. Whatever - they just saved you a lot of hassle, walking around on sore feet, and a trip to Vegas. Not that that's a bad thing.
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