your place looks just like our place

We experienced this big time, while on PlaidNation social media tour this summer. Wherever you go, anywhere in the U.S., certain ugly roads look just like home. The same Burger King-McD's-KFC-Subway-Mattress shop-Supermarket strip malls all across the land.

In fact, that was one of the most disappointing things about Graceland. My expectations were for this wonderful Elivis Presley Blvd splendor. But instead, it's just Graceland, surrounded by fast food joints and diners. (Then again, maybe that's appropriate.)

Anyway - now, there's someone who wants to do something about it. There's a non-profit organization called Scenic America, trying to preserve and enhance “the visual character” of the U.S. It's detailed in this great story from the NY Times about the uglification of America.

My favorite quote:

"Sitting here, suppressing the urge to flee, you begin to notice how the shopping center’s off-white walls and copper-colored top recall a minimum-security prison, and how readily the layout encourages acceptance of small absurdities. For example, people who leave the CVS with a desire to shop at Marshalls pretty much have to get back in their cars and drive across acres of parking lot."

That's so true of suburbia.

(Photo by Ángel Franco/The New York Times)


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Lee Washington said...

Gotta agree with this - I drove across the states a while back and it seemed that you never actually left a town, but drove along a road lined with shops and car parks. In the UK we have the greenbelt to stop towns spreading out too much (they still manage to do it mind) but it does mean that between two towns you drive through countryside. It also means that when you go shopping, you go into the town centre, and do it on foot.

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