what happened to the eco flag?

Back in the 1970's, there was a super big eco boom. I believe it was similar to what we're experiencing today, with 'green.' Before that period, (and before this spot) people proudly threw garbage out their car window. And there was a huge smokestack in every backyard.

There was a sweet green and yellow eco logo and flag that became the universal symbol of the movement. What happened to the sweet eco flag? Why did it die? Just wondering.


Anonymous said...

woodsy owl flew off with the flag to chief sealth to dry his tears and mother earth finally got a job at corporate headquarters. They cleaned up the erie canal, created public art out of the smokestacks, and bugs were something to zap on computers instead of name-calling like litterbug.

Anonymous said...

part 2

However Mother Earth forgot her roots and the darkness started to show through from beneath that flaxen sward. The Urchin Earth started to feel pain and suffering which evolved into eruptions from the days and now years that had past. UE was truly neglected and crying the tear that ME had no time for that woodsy made up for when he had taken the flag for to dry the tear from the Mohawk who saw the flogging in the magnification that water brings to the eye of the one who dares to cry the tear ...in the house that Jack built.

Again nature tries to make amends.

so be it,

@you know who I am
take care of your( continental )shelves and divides

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