web friends can be real friends.

We've been blogging for a few years now, and have discovered something in the process. We've made a lot friends across the world. We've connected to some of the most interesting people through our multiple blogs, Twitters, Facebook pages and other social networks.

Some of these friends have become real coworkers, and real clients, and real friends. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that social networks have created a new class of friends. People you share a portion of life with, care about, yet (perhaps) never meet.

There's a beautiful illustration of this happening on Twitter, with Susan Reynolds. A few days ago, I noticed that a lot of my Twitter friends were sporting peas in their avatars. I wondered what it was all about. It turns out to be in support of Susan - a woman who most of these people have never met. (You can read about the pea connection here.)

Susan's been diagnosed with breast cancer. And, like a true blogger, is sharing the story of her ordeal. Susan is having surgery today. And while I've never met Susan, my heart is with her. And there are now thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of people who are with her as well today.

So here's to frozen peas. And to friends across the globe who we'll probably never meet.

All the best, Susan!


mave said...

I've been called an "internet zealot" by some (by people who now are thankfully finally into the web too!), and one of the main criticisms people used to love to make of the internet is that it's supposedly "inhuman" and "cold", and that it creates distance between people. the opposite couldn't be more true, in my opinion. I've made several really close friends online and countless acquaintances - and I continue to - and I enjoy the sharing and supportive relationships I've been able to build. I'm constantly inspired, moved, informed and entertained by people online. I am able to find and connect with people all over the world who share my sometimes obscure interests and personal tastes. I would list off the many "offline" friends who I met online, but I resent the outdated notion that one must meet people face to face before they can be considered "real" friends, and I don't want to fuel it.

sharing differences and similarities with people all over the world has made me 10 times the person I was before, and I hope that I continue to grow and learn and evolve as a result of the access I have to people and information from every corner of the globe.

darryl ohrt said...

Beautifully said, Mave.

Martin stein said...

I stand corrected....

Anonymous said...

This is David Neff over at the American Cancer Society. Thanks for helping us the spread the word about something that effects thousands of women every year. Breast Cancer is treatable when caught early.


P.S. If your coming to SXSW hear us talk Frozen Peas at our Interactive Panel.

darryl ohrt said...

Hey Dave -

Thanks! A few of us are headed to SXSW - so we'll definitely check out your panel. See you in Texas!

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