some other people's top 2007 lists

We're far too lazy to create a BrandFlakesForBreakfast top list of 2007. We're still technically, on vacation, after all.

But we have bookmarked some other people's lists, for you. We've culled through the crap, so that you don't have to. Here's a couple of worthwhile 2007 Best of/Top Ten lists for you:

Best of Zen Habits in 2007

Top NYC stories of 2007.

Top Ten innovation mistakes. This is a good one.

Best Internet Marketing Blog posts of 2007. Another really good one.

Top Albums of 2007. (I know this is a polarizing subject - so I just took the laziest approach. Cool Hunting's list was the first in my RSS. So I now declare that one the best.)

Top Ten Ways to use Twitter.

The WTF moment of 2007.

And, while I could care less about football, and didn't even enjoy the Twitters of the Patriots game, here's a Top 10 list for the Giants fans.

And last but not least, LifeHacker's list of top 2007 lists.

Happy New Year to all of the Brand Flakes readers around the globe. May your year be filled with BrandFlakes deliciousness!

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