obama's mighty marketing

Check out this post detailing some Obama marketing techniques. From fundraising tactics, innovative list building, and the world's largest phone bank, this is a marketing team that's spot on. There's not a brand that couldn't learn something here.

Sooo many impressive tactics - but my fave is getting people while they're at an event to call four friends. Think about that...you're at an event - so you're already pre-disposed to the brand. Because all of the people around you are doing it, you're more likely to participate in something you wouldn't normally do. Because you're at an exciting event, you have a speaking point to begin discussions with your friends. Brilliant.

The same technique could work for most non-profit live events, and even some consumer brands. Why are we learning marketing from a politician?

Thanks Eliza!

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Film, music and politics. The real leaders of connection planning!

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