how to not choke

Guy Kawasaki has some sweet advice
for any business person or entrepreneur. And it's relevant for creative/knowledge workers too.

In How to Not Choke, he writes about avoiding negative people, ignore those you can't avoid, looking for positivity, and framing yourself.

Careerlicious wisdom for any person - but especially appropriate to creative people. Half the job of making a brilliant concept come to life is having the ability to communicate its brilliance to the people who will give it the green light. Whether you're presenting ideas to your Art Director, your client, or your CEO, Guy's positivity approach is great advice.

If you can't get your positivity on, it might help to show the Plaid gang sign, as Rob demonstrates above. I find this is universally recognized, wherever I go. I plan on showing it to the nice fellows in the sketchy neighborhood the next time I drive through. I'm sure they'll wave back and smile.


Ben Kunz said...

Simple but powerful. Why do we listen to negative people, when we should avoid them? I think most of us are taught as kids to be empathic and to listen to our elders ... so as we progress in business we listen to older, wiser people who may be cruel, negative, depressed, or unvisionary. Avoiding people seems rude. But getting out of a negative reality distortion field frees the mind.

So starting tomorrow, as soon as I sense negative vibes, I'm telling the bastards to F off.

Make the logo bigger said...

DON’T flash that in Little Rock though. Just sayin.

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