harvard reinvents college tuition

This seems almost too good to be true. Harvard has slashed tuition, and will now charge students based on a percentage of their parent's income. Seems like a more fair approach than the ridiculous blood-letting that that every other college in the U.S. requires of parents.

This is a big deal. A reinvention of the way college can be marketed. Potentially industry changing. Let's hope universities all across the country follow suit.


Nick Angiolillo said...

Harvard also has a $20+ billion endowment. Most schools can't afford to do this.

Anonymous said...

Good spot by Nick. I don't work for a college, and I do think the pricing is silly, out of control, and continuing to head in that direction, but contrary to popular opinion, tuition does NOT cover all the costs of attendance at any college in the U.S. Most places won't afford, no matter if they wanted to, Harvard's lead.

Anonymous said...

Kudos for Harvard!!! Now if only the other rich, private schools would follow suit. I just read an article (see COLLEGE TUITION) that says that private colleges cost an average of something like $150,000 over 4 years. That's just sick!!! Who can afford it??

WTG Harvard!!


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