the end of the promo road: custom pens.

The other day we received one of those packages from Myron Manufacturing. The envelope with the pen that already has your company's name engraved on it. In the hopes that when you see it, you'll order a bunch more.

While this has to be one of the most effective direct mail tactics ever, I was surprised to get a follow-up phone call, to see if we might be interested in custom Plaid pens. Impressive follow-up - which initiated an office conversation about...custom pens.

Custom pens. Not cool, designery ones. The ugly ones. Why do firms still order these? What's accomplished? How lacking for ideas do you have to be to finally decide that an ugly, custom pen is the best promotional idea for your business?

I'm going to pull that idea out in our next long brainstorm session. After about a good hour, after the initial idea lull, and everyone's a little bit drained..."I know! Let's do custom pens! The ugly ones!"

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Anonymous said...

Eww. They don’t even click.

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