eckerd college says happy holidays

The e-holiday cards are starting to roll in.

Eckerd College talked their President into a funny little holiday production. Sure to be appreciated by anyone who's a part of the creative/internet industrial work force.

Some great lines like "I just have to think of something funny, put the funny in the computer, and spit out a card. How long can that take?"

And "No....I need it now!"(Who hasn't had a client think it's that easy?)

I like that the management has a sense of humor. That's so rare in an educational environment, and says a lot about the leadership. Kudos, Mr Eckerd President. (And nice sweater.)

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Colin Fast said...

That's two years in a row for Eckerd. They're going to have to start working on next year's car now.

Another funny (says the guy who helped make it) e-card comes from Red River College in Canada:

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