what's in a name? survey shows 45% of execs need to get over themselves

PRNewser has a post today about a firm called BlabberMouth PR that launched a re-branded subsidiary with a much less-interesting name after it surveyed 5,000 executives and found that 45% of them admitted they either had an issue with the company's name but would still work with them or wouldn't work with an agency partner that had a name like BlabberMouth. I don't know what's more absurd: The fact that 2,250 executives care more about a firm's name than the results it produces OR the fact that a firm that had no issue calling itself BlabberMouth for however many years, caved when it saw their own survey results.

All that should matter when selecting a creative agency of any kind is: 1) They are smart enough to grasp your business and can explain it as if they were the CEO; 2) They can deliver results that will help you grow your business; 3) You like the person or team that's pitching for your business. If a publicist from Shitz & Giggles PR can write your VC pitch better than you can or he/she is BFF with Mike Arrington, does it really matter what their firm's name is?
One look at Chris Anderson's list of black-balled PR firms should tell you a firm's name has nothing to do with the abilities of its employees.

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