using clearasil may lead to child molestation

Ok, maybe I'm just in a bad mood. Yes, Stacy's mom is hot. And there's the Graduate. But as Make the Logo Bill points out, the Mom spot on this Clearasil promo site feels creepy.

What if the tables were turned around, and it featured a dad, and a teenage girl? Would it still be acceptable?

From make the logo bigger, via Twitter, through Facebook. :)


Anonymous said...

I went way longer in my rant but scaled it back. One of the things I left out was exactly that: if the genders are reversed, no way this makes it out alive. Which just goes to reinforce the double-standard again.

Everyone is ready to kill the male coach who dates the teen girl but when it’s a woman teacher and a teen boy, the kid gets high fives from his friends.

Something's wrong here.

Anonymous said...

It is a rather foolish premise for an ad given all the stories of female teachers and students like the recent pair that was apprehended in Mexico. The use of a teen-aged girl and a dad would have never been used.

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