this week at Plaid: thanksgiving edition

An early weekly update, as we close our offices for the Thanksgiving holiday.

As I search my brain for a list of fun stuff that happened at our joint this week, I'm realizing that I was either out of the office, or in meetings the entire week.

I've heard there were a couple of food fights. Something involving marshmallows and sausage - two things that taste great together, I'm sure.

Giuli is buying the oddest crap. It's supposed to be related to our holiday card, or holiday gift for our clients. But there's some odd stuff arriving via FedEx and UPS.

We're out of room, and are looking forward to getting our new addition off the ground. We have interns, assistants and account people sharing desks. Be thankful for the internet.

Brian is shopping for new phone systems. Giuli is finding some cool furniture.

Hope your thanksgiving is filled with yummy, fatty, highest calorie food, and nothing on this list of the ten worst Thanksgiving dishes. If you live in a place where turkey day isn't celebrated, then it's time to get your consumerism on. Start holiday shopping. They've been playing xmas music in the stores since July, so you might as well jump in and get started. They're waiting for you.

See you at the mall.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Plaid!!

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