teens: IM is easier than speaking

This is nothing new to you, if you read Brand Flakes on a regular basis - but if you're putting together a presentation for your board on how to connect with teens, here's some great fodder for your PowerPoint. (Or, be old-school, and email the links to your boss.)

First, Wired News reports from the Associated Press story. And then The Slate has an excellent write up too.

Expect to see Matt Lauer and the Today Show doing a special report on this subject, in a few weeks. And acting all amazed, like they've just discovered some new cult that kids are participating in.

"Next, on Today. Are teens abandoning email!? Find out how teens are communicating on the internet. When we return...this new teen trend may take you by surprise..."

Matt Lauer: So, you're telling me that you really don't check email at all??

Teen: Uh....dude, what's up with your hair?

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