shepard fairey show in london

Shepard Fairey awesomeness comes to London in a show titled Nineteeneightyfouria. How cool is it that Shepard spun records at his own opening?

To our friends in London: Please go to this show. If only to rub it in our faces, that we can't go. And then take pictures, and swim in the awesomeness. And then tell us how great it was. And that all of the cool people were there. And that you can't believe we're not living in London. And that everything in the U.S. is so lame. (Can you say 'lame' with an English accent? I don't think it would have the same impact.) Ha. You get the Shepard Fairey show - but we still own "lame."

1 comment:

Leigh said...

I wish I could go. Ken might have to fly to London for work soon... if he does I'm hiding in his suitcase... with my camera!!!!

If only Paul Frank was there too I'd be in heaven. hahah. ;-)

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