it's snowing typography

We've seen the first snow here in New England. So it's a good day to share typography snowflakes.

(Cmon, nobody's actually getting work done this week anyway. Your boss is practically expecting you to fill your day sending your friends type snowflakes.) Found at the glorious How magazine.


Anonymous said...

oh you clever clever blogger!!! we did get the heads up yesterday that this week would be slooow. that means you're absolutely right. I shall spend the rest of my working hours sending snowflakes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is great stuff! I've been feeling really down lately and I'm just not getting into the Christmas spirit at all! Thanks to this little thing, I'm feeling much happier. And definitely looking forward to the season... Thanks. But how do you transfer it to a blog or a livejournal?

Anonymous said...

How lovely!
I'm totally blogging this!

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