IT: let your employees on facebook.

These kinds of stories make me sick.

Where's My Jetpack writes about his recent experience at a gig within an in-house creative agency in a large corporation. Their management/IT department has blocked employees from seeing many sites. To 'protect' them, and 'keep them productive.' As if they were pets.

I constantly meet with clients who can't see their own videos on YouTube, can't create Facebook profiles, can't see what the competition's doing, and can't see what's going on in the marketplace.

Yet, they're expected to generate marketing and brand campaigns that will connect with this world that they're not allowed to experience.

How about we just trust our employees? How about we give them access to tools that let them do a better job? How about we let them connect with the real world? And hold them accountable for performance, rather than their web surfing history?

(The pelvic thrust video is for those of us that enjoy internet freedom. Isn't it great?)


Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Yesterday I had to inform our IT that blocking the domain would end up blocking over 1 million sites (those that use the service) since you couldn't click through on anything!

They removed the block. Always a new challenge.

Ben Kunz said...


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