forget how much it costs. let's jump in the mud.

Just discovered the most fun trend ever. Trashing your wedding dress after the big day. Think about it - why spend 6 gatrillion dollars on a dress, and then just let it hang in the closet for 50 years?

Go somewhere fun, get dirty, and photograph the event for everyone to see. Awesome. There's a host of photographers who specialize in Trash the Dress events - and there are even group trash the dress sessions, in fun locations like ghost towns. Allegedly, most dresses never get trashed beyond what a good dry cleaning couldn't take care of. (But who cares, anyway?)

This would make a fun promo event for any brand related to bridal services.

Photo above is from Pamee, via Flickr.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I heard about that and it irks me because walking on a street or standing in water and looking serene isn't really trashing the dress. I love it when they truly do trash it with like mud and stuff.

Ya know, I still have my dress.....>: )

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