the customer experience ends at retail

So, I want to buy a new suit. I'm really lovin' those new mod/skinny style suits, since they remind me of the early punk/mod days. My budget is in the hundreds of dollars, not thousands of dollars. And there aren't a lot of mod suits in that price range.

I was stoked to see a killer new H&M website , touting their new 'mod style' suits. So I head to their 42nd street store, where the site says they carry the line. "Oh no, you need to go to the 51st street store. They have the new modern men's line." Ok, I can walk a few blocks. Get to the 51st street store, and can't find the suits that are so heavily featured online merchandised anywhere in the store. So I find a dude that works there, who looks way cooler than me, and clearly has some fashion sense.
"I'm looking for those new mod/skinny style suits that are on your website."
"Yeah. You know, like mod. The skinny fit style."
"Uhhh...These are the only suits we have. I don't know about anything called mod."

Breakdown! I don't normally shop at H&M. But I was sold by the online experience. They nearly gained a new customer. And instead, they totally let me down at the retail store. Think I'll ever go back?

Next stop, Ben Sherman. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

H&M usually has pretty great clothes, but I hate that you can't buy anything online. I don't exactly live near an H&M so it's not like I can go there very often.

Ben Kunz said...

Darryl, your style crushes H&M. Try going here:

Anonymous said...

its so weird because ive been looking for the exact same thing lately and happened upon the h&m site but alas i live in dallas, texas no where near one of those.

Anonymous said...

One word for you guys. MERC - every mod suit I have is from there. Ticket pocket? Check. Tonic suits? Check. Glencheck? err... Check.

This link is for people in the usa.

- Dabitch (stupid blogger won't let me log in)

Anonymous said...
proper, two-tone, iridescent tonic material suits - not the cheap shiny stuff found in retro shops.

darryl ohrt said...

Dude - AceFace ROCKS. Bespoke suits. Thanks for the link.

They're pretty expensive when you're shopping with lousy american dollars - but I'll start saving. Now.

Anonymous said...

any idea where to get such a suit in australia? really loving the kostym suit but have no idea where to look?

Anonymous said...

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