check art is a bore festival

Becky at RMI points out something that's frustrated me for ages. People who make checks suck. Why isn't there more selection? Cooler checks? Great design? Exciting licensing? Not that there's anything at all wrong with Holly Hobbie. Holly Hobbie rocks.

There's a nice opportunity for licensing here. And, as Becky discovers, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation has realized the opportunity, and is now selling Breast Cancer checks. Awesome idea - and one that other non-profits could follow.

I'm still waiting for punk rock checks - featuring art from Black Flag, Gang of Four, and Minor Threat album covers. Or better yet, Shepard Fairey 'Obey' checks. That would be sweet. But in the meantime, Holly Hobbie rocks.


Anonymous said...

People still use checks? If I was in the business of printing checks, I'd get out quick!

Becky Terhaar said...

I think so long as grandmas are around and daycares are in business, personal checks will continue to exist. I have to write a check every week to daycare and don't see them catching the credit/debit wave anytime soon. And grandmas... that goes without saying.

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