the boom is coming

I'm about as far as you can get from an economist, or from anyone that understands anything to do with numbers, really.

But I've observed something interesting, recently. There are loads and loads of media reports about bad consumer confidence, poor economic indicators, and the like. Many friends in other industries are worried.

On the other hand, all of the internet workers that I know are booming. Like never before. People can't hire fast enough. Our agency is experiencing the same.

And then, Steve Rubel points (through Twitter) to an amazing study. Look at the number of job postings in the map above. They're exploding in a lot of the tech centers - San Jose, New England, Austin, DC area.

And then, look at the graph of social media, web 2.0 job postings. Through the roof.

The boom is here. (Either that, or we're heading into a recession.) I'll go back to watching YouTube videos now.


Ben Kunz said...

Hmm. Or maybe those red circles represent the hottest tech bubbles with the most unwarranted inflation, right before a bust.

Hope it doesn't happen, but with Google said to be headed for $1,000 a share, it sure feels like AOL all over again, no?

Anonymous said...

George Parker’s AdScam, the lone Boise blogger holdout. HE knows something.

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