blog nothing day

As internet workers, we put an extremely high value on internet content. For that reason, we're participating in Blog Nothing Day, tomorrow. No blogging, no Twitters, No Facebook. (I predict a major influx of national productivity.)

Introduced to us by blog friend Dino Demopoulos, Blog Nothing Day is a show of support for the writer's strike. We're showing our support for the writers on the line. (Except the ones that are marching side by side with Eva Longoria. Those bastards can show us some love.)

For some great perspective on the strike, check out this video clip, from one of the Cobert Report writers. Or this one, from a Daily Show writer.

Kinda ironic that a bunch of bloggers who write for fun are supporting other writers and their right to get paid, huh?

See you on Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

No Facebook??? Speak for yourself!

Anonymous said...

There are mixed reactions about this whole writers' strike issue. I haven't really been updated in a while. Last I heard, more than 50% of Saturday Night Live writers have also joined the cause and that the cast members have shown their support. Being a writer may seem like a glamorous job for others but as one blog put it, "In the real world, they're at the bottom of the food chain." For all its worth, I really hope they are being heard.

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