better late than never?

CNN just opened a news bureau in Second Life. I went inworld quickly, and couldn't find it - so I went to the next best thing, and snapped the photo above. The Belga news agency, from Belgium. And, the place was empty. Not a lot of news going on.

Actually, what CNN is planning sounds like a nice Second Life business plan. They're putting kiosks throughout the space, and allowing Second Life citizens to produce content. We'll see how it works. When we can find it.

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Anonymous said...

better late then never.

Hey guys,

today I was looking for an adpulp post of mine on google and i turned up a reference to me from darryl.

No one ever linked to one of my comments that I know of, let alone say "excellent." Course, it was under the heading of "losing touch with reality" 10-06-06. hmmmm.

oh well, better late than never: thank you.

Next time you need a mom on a road me. The last 18 hour marathon left me dazed.

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