2010 olympic mascots: totally hot

The 2010 Olympic mascots are out, and they totally rock. More reason for the 2012 Olympic logo to run away and hide.

Everything about the Vancouver mascots is sweet. Their announcement website is awesome. They appeal to multiple audiences. They cross international/cultural lines really well. They're going to work beautifully with product and licensing.

You can even find out which mascot is most like you, by taking the quiz. (Apparently I'm Miga - which I totally disagree with. I so want to be Quatchi.)


josh mishell said...

awesome! i like when the olympics actually gets it right. as opposed to the $800k England logo. I wonder how much those mascots cost to design for Vancouver...

Anonymous said...

OMG! So jealous of how cool Canada gets to be! You know that would never fly here in the States.
Excited that Meomi.com did the character designs, they are super rad: )

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