we're off to mexico!

Tomorrow morning, we're taking off for Mexico, to attend the annual Plaid Planning Meetings.

Blogging will likely be light for the next couple of days - but I'll bet Wilson Cleveland will pick up some of that slack.

Eliza, our copywriter supreme has supplied a few key phrases that we've asked the crew to memorize. (Note that I'm adding the word "supreme" to things, because that's what they do at Taco Bell. And that must be what it's like in Mexico, too.) With these language tools in our heads, we're sure to blend in real well:

How many beers for one American dollar?
¿Cuántas cervezas para un dólar americano?

Does this enchilada contain pigeon meat?
¿Este enchilada contiene la carne de la paloma?

Could my enchilada contain pigeon meat?
¿Podía mi enchilada contener la carne de la paloma?

Giuli is not for sale!
Giuli no está para la venta!

My drunken friends mean no harm
Mis amigos borrachos no significan ningún daño

Do you have a girly drink for Darryl?
¿Usted tiene girly una bebida para Darryl?

Is that hole in the ground the only toilet?
¿Es ese agujero en la tierra el único tocador?

Step away from the Justus, he can explode
Paso lejos del Justus, él puede estallar

Warning! Do not leave Dave alone with your womenfolk!
¡Advertencia! ¡No deje Dave solo con su womenfolk!

Where is the nearest Taco Bell?
¿Dónde es el Taco Bell más cercano?

There’s no need to be afraid of Rob’s pale skin
No esté asustado de la piel pálida del robo

Step back! Matt is licensed to kill
¡Parte posteriora del paso! Mate se licencia para matar

I want to apply for political amnesty
Deseo solicitar amnistía política

I like spicy food, please hurt me with your cuisine
Tengo gusto del alimento picante, me lastimé por favor con su cocina

Thanks Eliza!

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admin said...

Oh my God, that's a terrible translation!! Take your spanish-english dictionary with you! Regards from Spain

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