wanna be a tv mogul, or just look like one?

I've been a frustrated TV network programming director my entire life. I feed off of the annual TV upfronts and salivate over the fall lineups where each network pits its best shows against one another. Imagine my glee when I discovered TV BigShot, Television Without Pity's new fantasy game that allows TV nerds like myself to brand their own television network and spend $300 million building their lineup with current shows all in a race to win $100k at the end of the TV season in June. You earn points based on the ratings (based on Neilsen Household 'HH' ratings) performance of the shows in your current lineup. The higher the ratings are for your shows, the more points are added to your score. Points can be used toward prizes like a video iPod. The player with the highest score at the end of the season wins the pot...and my disdain. In case you're wondering, my money is on Heroes, Bionic Woman and House.

1 comment:

darryl ohrt said...

Bionic Woman??? Have you SEEN that show?

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