this week at Plaid:

Here's what happened this week at the world's most plaid design and branding firm:

Lots of Segway gliding. Pretty much everyone is looking for any excuse to do the most mundane errands around town, on the Segway. You've never seen so many people excited about the possibility of going to the Post Office.

We recorded the first ever Plaidcast. It's a video podcast. And it totally sucks. But it's a fantastic proof of concept, and we know exactly what we need to improve on. We'll post it soon. And we'll probably record our new and improved Plaidcast #2 next week. Should be fun.

Dave went on vacation. Totally cool dude vacation. Went mountain biking in Utah, Colorado, and some other square states. Meanwhile, everyone else (especially Rob K) picked up his slack.

We're getting building estimates on an addition to our space. If everything works out, we're going to have a super cool new work area, to house some of our new hires. If not, we'll all get more cramped in the existing space.

We hired Katie, our new intern, pictured above. You can see her video interview here, and find her on Facebook here. We've got her totally convinced that boring intern work is really a load of fun. She seems really nice, and so far hasn't been corrupted by the team at Plaid. (Give us a couple of weeks.)

Fall has officially kicked in for New England, and we're pulling out our plaid sweaters. Have a great weekend.

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