this week at Plaid:

Here's what happened this week at the most screw-fall-summer-lives-forever design and branding firm:

Wow. It's Saturday, and we haven't posted the weekly update. I'll keep it short.

You'll notice a new guest blogger posting to BrandFlakes. It's Wilson Cleveland, from CJP, a kick ass PR firm that totally gets emerging media. And that PR stuff. So we like them. Wilson's going to be posting regularly here, adding some cool new flavor to BrandFlakes. I have a feeling you'll really dig his sense of humor. That's him, pictured above, looking all serious, like he's ready to anchor the evening news or something. Definitely in need of a Mojito, by the looks of that shot.

The rest of this week was filled to the gills with work, meetings and conference calls. We're trying to get a load of stuff done prior to our annual planning meeting, next week.

If you didn't notice the earlier post, we're also looking for an intern. If you know a college student who loves abuse and lots of crap work for low wages, please send them our way.

Enjoy an amazingly warm 'fall' weekend.


Ben Kunz said...

Welcome aboard Wilson. BrandFlakes is my favorite blog, and Darryl is brilliant, tho he must be burning out, how much more insight can the man possible give?

PR is too often left out of the emerging media dialogue and we look forward to your take. It's often not synched with traditional media plans either, which is a waste. Check our views on it and blatant self promotion at Ben

Wilson Cleveland said...

Thanks Ben! Darryl will pay dearly for using this picture of me. Dearly.

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