sacre bleu! france gets unlocked iphone

Aside from the possibility of running into Johnny Depp at a Paris cafe, there is really little reason to move to France, unless of course you want an unlocked iPhone. Its as if Steve Jobs WANTS you to hate him. Enjoy your new freedom phone France.


mave said...

another great example of the stupidity of brand loyalty. apple zealots are always waxing poetic about how great apple is, about how anyone who doesn't buy apple products is a fashionless fool, etc etc. and yet a look at the *real* apple confirms that they are just like any other company, hawking products that are targeted at a specific audience (namely - people with more concern for form than function) and doing so in a way that benefits their bottom line.

*IPHQ* said...

This isn't true. French law "forbids bundling the sale of a mobile phone and a mobile operator." Apple has made no statements. All rumors to the phone being "unlocked" are being inferred from said law. Has nothing to do with Apple and everything to do with the French. How the iPhone will be sold in European countries is still very much UNKNOWN.

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