now hiring: we need a new intern.

Our last one got away. Brian, our old intern has escaped. He's pictured above, skooling the crew in Guitar Hero. If you see him, please kick him for us.

Interested? Know someone who's interested? Spread the word. If you're the college student that we choose to take advantage of, here's some stuff you'll probably be stoked about:
+ Make your own hours
+ Build your resume and portfolio
+ Get paid to play around on the internet
+ Be involved in all aspects of agency life

And, some things you'll have to deal with:
+ Work for the ridiculously low wage of $10/hour
+ Loads of crap work
+ Need to work from our CT office
+ Dave.

Interested? Send a resume (or entertaining links) today, to

1 comment:

Brian said...

Some of my added corrections to the post:

+ Make your own hours
- Show up before Dave just to make him look bad (before 9:30 should do).

+ Be involved in all aspects of agency life
- Play Guitar Hero, Plaidify a random office objects such as a toilet, make fun of Dave

+ Loads of crap (work)
- From Dave

+ Dave.
- Dave. (one warning just isn't enough)

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