MySpace-ification of twitter: fictional characters tweet like real people

As I was browsing folks to follow on Twitter last night, I came upon a feed for Chuck Bartowski, the eponymous, fictional title character of NBC's new comedy, Chuck (FD: My agency, CJP does work with NBCU, but that doesn't mean I have to like Chuck). After saying a silent prayer Twitter wouldn't become the next marketing haven for FFFs (Fake Fictional "Friends") a la MySpace, I conceded in this specific case, I would allow it.
On the show, the character of Chuck is a tech geek who, if he were a real person, would likely be Twittering away like the rest of us. I was disappointed, however to see "Chuck's" Tweets ended the day the show premiered on NBC. This would have been a great social marketing tool for Chuck and NBC if they'd committed to keeping the Twitter feed updated; probably would have drawn in more viewers over time, which for NBC is crucial at the moment.

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