is your out of the box marketing piece offending greensters?

AboutDesign makes a great point about a new ad insert for Yellow Tail Wines. He was offended by the ad. Not in the traditional way you might expect to be offended by advertising. There was no racy message, nudity or inappropriate language here. Richard was offended by waste.

Yellow Tail Wines produced an insert in RealSimple Magazine, where the ad incorporated blinking LED lights. You've seen this before - cute, and attention-getting. And probably a significant budget expenditure for the brand. What they didn't consider was that they'd also be putting hundreds of thousands of electronic parts into a landfill. Not a great practice for a product that originates from the earth.

It's not easy being green. Customer perceptions and cares are changing. And as creatives, we're not all accustomed to thinking about the impact of our physical campaigns. But some audiences are paying attention - as evidenced by Richard's post.

Before launching your next physical campaign, it may be a good idea to ask things like:
"what impact does this have to the environment?"
"how will my customers with environmental concerns perceive this piece?"

Because the best advertising can capture attention and be green.

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