Internet spotty in Mexico. Blog posts coming to a halt.

I'm in mexico. At a very nice resort where we were assured there is Internet. Gahh! No wifi. No Ethernet In the hotel room. I am pretty certain that dudes locked in American prisons have more internet access than I do.

I am sending this post from my iPhone, through Paul, one of our programmers still In the states (sorry Paul) . Blogger unfortunately doesn't work on the magic iPhone.

We're taking loads of fun video in the meantime, and if i can hitch- hike my way to wifi, I'll be back with plenty of posts.

Meanwhile, I'm attempting to take the advice of some co- workers..."relax dude. Think of how productive our planning meetings will be."

I've always imagined hell as a really hot place without Internet. But the beach and margaritas have me confused.

More later.

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