the future of social networking

Uber brainiac Chris Anderson has some incredible thinking about social networks - and predicts that a 'one size fits all' mentality (Facebook) isn't likely to be the end-all for social networking. He cites Ning as a great example. I'd agree - and it's really starting to get some traction.

He also points out that the future of social networking isn't destination based - but instead should become a standard feature of everywhere we go. Totally.

But that's just my dumb-ass synopsis of what he said. Read it for yourself on The Long Tail blog.

(Photo from Robert Scoble's Facebook gallery. Isn't it awesome?)


Hal said...

Have you seen what Toyota is doing with HEYA? Not a pure social networking app, but certainly borrowing a page from the book.

*IPHQ* said...

Love me some social networking. Also love me some Facebook. The major flaw with social networking, in my opinion, is that there are just too damn many options. First it was Friendster (which never really stood a chance), then MySpace (which is now crap), then it was Second Life (which is now even more crap) and now Facebook is the hot commodity. I prefer Facebook because of the great job they do of limiting the spam all over the place. MySpace pages now look like a 12 year-old ad kid puked all over them.

But there needs to be one end-all, be-all of social networking. Perhaps a major umbrella like this Ning where you can keep it ALL in perspective. I had a neighbor I met a few weeks ago who turns out was in a small circle of friends I have but we had never met previous. She immediately went home and invited me to every single one of her 4 different social network profiles. Info overload to me. I don't have time to write witty comments on 4 different profiles every day. Hell, I have a hard enough time keeping up with one.

One Ring To Rule Them All...or something.

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