from the makers of Dove, enjoy Axe.

By now, you've probably seen the glorious Dove campaign. Dove is a Unilever brand.

Unilever also owns Axe. And - you've probably seen some of their campaigns too. :) Which, puts Unilever into a hypocritical position.

Granted - separate brand teams, probably separate agencies - and likely entirely separate companies, outside of the Unilever holding company status. But if you're going to take a strong positioning against sexy advertising...well, you might want to look into your own back yard first.

Film maker Rye Clifton points this out by producing the mashup above, featuring the Dove piece, with Unilever sponsored Axe imagery nicely embedded. Found on Beyond Madison Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Nice mash-up...the original really is terrific piece of work (as is the mash-up) More important, who does the background song??!?

Anonymous said...

*hah!* love it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should start using real men in Axe ads. Ponchy middle aged men and 12 yrs olds who think it's cool to use half a bottle a spray each day.

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