bring your second life into your facebook life

Someone's create a sweet new application for Facebook that ties your Second Life to your Facebook life. Some would argue that if you have both of these, you have no life.

Anyway - the application lets you display your avatar on your Facebook profile, and indicate when you’re on and off line in Second Life. If your friends also have the app installed, you’ll be able to see each other’s avatars. Really cool idea.


avin said...

I added it to mine, a bit buggy (ie won't let me accept an invite from a fellow second lifer, difficulty in getting avatar pic to upload at first), but a great idea. As they work out the kinks I'll be very interested in seeing how quickly this is adopted in the community and what other options are added...

darryl ohrt said...

And it's a great promo tool for Second Life. Now that the hype is over (thankfully), Second Life will need to continue growing legitimate users.

This will be a cool tool to do that. To see friends in Facebook that are also 'in world', that you might not have imagined would be there, could ultimately become a good WOM tool for SL. We'll see.

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