born to be guiled

Ken Wheaton at Ad Age has a hilarious take on what can only be deemed the most taste-free ad idea/PR pitch this year; about a new LinkedIn knock-off called IntroFee putting out a press release announcing its search for video footage of a live birth for use in its upcoming Super Bowl ad. First of all, Ewwwwww. Second of all, I realize we're on the cusp of another Internet bubble, but must we hasten the inevitable POP with this retro hubris? Yes, I realize this is most likely a PR stunt because if the networks thought Janet Jackson's boob was scary, I'm guessing IntroFee knows an ad featuring real birth footage won't pass muster.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This promotion reeks of SCAM. Why would someone with enough money solicit amateur video? Why not pay the money for professionally produced footage (and make it look amateur if that's the look they're after.) And why would a company with the money for a super bowl ad not be able to afford real DNS rather than, as they're using? I'll bet money that this is a scam.

They're also going to get a SERP bonus by having all the introfee tagged videos on youtube, that I'm assuming people won't be taking down once the contest is over.

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