the big plaid video experiment

We just purchased the Plaid design and brand crew these really sweet video cameras. Flip video cameras that record 640 x 480 digital video (60 minutes of video, without tape!) with built-in usb plugs. They fit in your pocket. Basically, a video camera designed for the YouTube generation. AWESOME IDEA.

Anyway - we're embarking on an experiment of sorts. Everyone's now armed with these cameras. So we're going to try video blogging. Not the vidcast-shot-from-the-laptop that everyone else is doing - but sharing our experiences, as they happen. (You can't carry your laptop camera into the Bodega, can you?) Funny, stupid, creatively inspiring, or people falling asleep at their desks. Low production, no edits, no soundtracks, just video clips. Whatever happens when we're recording.

The experiment kicks off tomorrow morning, as a bunch of us leave for Mexico. Should make for some fun video. We're traveling tech-lite (only ONE laptop!!), so we won't be uploading every hour, but I promise some good regular video. If we like the results of the experiment, we'll get cameras for the extended Plaid team, across the country. This could really be a cool, creative group video blog. Or a complete waste of time.

So as not to bog down BrandFlakes, we won't post here - but instead on our 'behind the scenes' agency blog - Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Other requests for the new vid cams? I have one. I'm sure the Plaid team can go beyond the now famous Flagpole Sitta lip dub video. I know its been done already, but I'm still always amused every time I see it! As I write this, I'm thinking it's already too dated....never mind.

Brian said...

How come you guys get all the cool toys when I leave...? I am going to have to stop by when you return from Mexico, enjoy your margaritas and tacos.

darryl ohrt said...

Spud - we're also HUGE fans of the flagpole sitta video. We break out from time to time in the office, just to watch it a few more times.

I swear there's one of those in our future.

Brian - haha!

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