back when kids sniffed glue...

Oh, the 70's. When kids sniffed glue and painted large breasted plastic girls in cages. Check out this sweet collection of monster model cover art, cereal package art and other things monster. "Rated X for excitement!!" (Did they not have copywriters back then?)

virtual models to walk virtual runway

Target is staging a virtual fashion show next week in Grand Central Station. No models. Just walking holograms. Sweet.

(The clip above has nothing to do with Target or virtual models. But it's always fun to watch people fall into holes, isn't it?)

stuff found in jail

Someone's assembled a collection of notes and drawings found stuffed into books on the library cart. In jail.

spam. redesigned.

What if you redesigned all the spam you received as wonderful art? Would love to see some of my spam done like this...

turn your friends over to a serial killer.

Make the logo Bigger points to one of the best ecard generators I've ever seen. Send to your friends.

like boobies and blood? the internet delivers.

Well, geez, that that headline just might get us some google juice. ;)

Not sure why it took this long for Hollywood to figure this one out. But the latest and greatest promotional tactic for film marketers is "red band" trailers.

You know, the type of movie trailer that your 14-year-old isn't old enough to watch but is probably watching right now, while you're at work reading BrandFlakes....:)

from the makers of Dove, enjoy Axe.

By now, you've probably seen the glorious Dove campaign. Dove is a Unilever brand.

Unilever also owns Axe. And - you've probably seen some of their campaigns too. :) Which, puts Unilever into a hypocritical position.

Granted - separate brand teams, probably separate agencies - and likely entirely separate companies, outside of the Unilever holding company status. But if you're going to take a strong positioning against sexy advertising...well, you might want to look into your own back yard first.

Film maker Rye Clifton points this out by producing the mashup above, featuring the Dove piece, with Unilever sponsored Axe imagery nicely embedded. Found on Beyond Madison Avenue.

ruby tuesday re-brands.

Inspired. Jealous. Wow'ed.

Designer DJ Stout has accomplished a wonderful re-branding of restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday. And in a heartbeat, the place seems more inviting.

artful japanese manhole covers

Cool collection of Japanese Manhole Covers

outstanding advice in once sentence

Wow. Duct Tape Marketing sums up some excellent marketing/branding/running your business advice:

"Coolness is optional, authenticity is not."

text the dead

First Johnny Depp, now this. Why does France get all of the cool stuff?

American artist Paul Notzold has been traveling the globe with his magic text projection installation thing. And the lucky people in France got to add their text messages to Night of the Living Dead. So wish this was projected outside of our building, and that I could just text to the dead all night long.

we didn't start the viral

Do Billy Joel songs annoy you? Me too. Well now you can sing a parodied version of one his silly songs for hours in your head while picturing some of the greatest virals from the last couple of years. From Caffeine Goddess, via Facebook.

new british airways spots big on pam

Pam Ann (not Pam Anderson) is featured in a slew of new spots for British Airways. I like that they put them all together in a nice neat place. Cute work, and especially funny when you click through to Pam Ann's site, modeled after the old glam airline PanAm.

this week at Plaid:

Here's what happened this week at the world's most plaid design and branding firm:

Lots of Segway gliding. Pretty much everyone is looking for any excuse to do the most mundane errands around town, on the Segway. You've never seen so many people excited about the possibility of going to the Post Office.

We recorded the first ever Plaidcast. It's a video podcast. And it totally sucks. But it's a fantastic proof of concept, and we know exactly what we need to improve on. We'll post it soon. And we'll probably record our new and improved Plaidcast #2 next week. Should be fun.

Dave went on vacation. Totally cool dude vacation. Went mountain biking in Utah, Colorado, and some other square states. Meanwhile, everyone else (especially Rob K) picked up his slack.

We're getting building estimates on an addition to our space. If everything works out, we're going to have a super cool new work area, to house some of our new hires. If not, we'll all get more cramped in the existing space.

We hired Katie, our new intern, pictured above. You can see her video interview here, and find her on Facebook here. We've got her totally convinced that boring intern work is really a load of fun. She seems really nice, and so far hasn't been corrupted by the team at Plaid. (Give us a couple of weeks.)

Fall has officially kicked in for New England, and we're pulling out our plaid sweaters. Have a great weekend.

Current is cool.

Just discovered Current. This is an awesome place on so many levels. Really smart, inspiring design. (Check out the navigation in the "on tv" section.)

Loads of engaging content. Detailed howto's that help users create stronger content. And - yes, it's social. I'm as tired as everyone else of new social networks - but this one rocks. Elements of Digg, of YouTube, of Facebook, CNN and so much more. Check it out and spend some otherwise productive time exploring. ;)

donks rock.

When we were on the Plaid nation tour this summer, fellow tour mate Ryan taught us all about the details of donks.

And we saw a few while on tour. While cruising around on Current, I found this sweet video all about donks. Nice. (C'mon Current - why no embed feature??)

how politicians waste our money

(Well, this is only one way.)

The most ridiculous ad spend ever. C'mon. Puhleeze. And let's just pretend that the cause is worthwhile (which it isn't), why do politicians always pay for youth oriented creative that looks like it was produced by grandparents? "Don't be lame..elevate your game?" Right. Ok.

If the headline wasn't bad enough, they also asked grandpa for a totally awesome youth-connecting illustration. "And let's put the city skyline in the background. Kids really like that." It's urban.

Go Texas.

most effective audi commercial ever.

This is a brilliant ad for Audi. I will now forever think of their logo in a new way. That's branding. From Brian Shaler, via Twitter

born to be guiled

Ken Wheaton at Ad Age has a hilarious take on what can only be deemed the most taste-free ad idea/PR pitch this year; about a new LinkedIn knock-off called IntroFee putting out a press release announcing its search for video footage of a live birth for use in its upcoming Super Bowl ad. First of all, Ewwwwww. Second of all, I realize we're on the cusp of another Internet bubble, but must we hasten the inevitable POP with this retro hubris? Yes, I realize this is most likely a PR stunt because if the networks thought Janet Jackson's boob was scary, I'm guessing IntroFee knows an ad featuring real birth footage won't pass muster.

texas loves the stache.

Media Orchard points to a funny fundraiser. People (I'm guessing mostly guys) are growing mustaches for charity. Cool.

They should put up a website, where participants can upload their before, during and after pics. And people should donate more for the crazy stache. Or extra points if you wear a creepy stache, like Magnum PI's friend. They could add categories like creepy, fireman, village people, and of course Magnum PI. They could create a theme park, and title it Staches over Texas. Ok, I'll stop now.

ad age launches 3 minute vidcast

Ad age just launched their equivalent of Morgan Webb's WebbAlert, but for the ad industry. (Only their host isn't as cute or cool as Morgan Webb.)

It's called 3 minute Ad Age. Watch it, so you don't have to touch paper. From The Denver Egotist.

we write ads, or people die.

Cute. From Ernie Schenck Calls This Advertising?

wendy's wig: for professional use only.

And this was going to be my costume this year. Apparently, if you're a consumer, and you want to wear a Wendy wig, you need to follow the usage guidelines. LOL.

No worries if you wish to dress like a king - any drunken fool can do that. But Wendy needs to appear like a consumer, but not actually be a consumer. Professionals only.

Oh yeah - check this out, too. Mmmm. Meaty burgers.

virtual bubble wrap

Think of how much this is going to save you on therapy. Trust me, you need this.

mind control for your second life avatar

Ummm...this scares me a little bit. Control your Second Life avatar simply by thinking about it.

a ghost for every day

A ghost a day. Because two ghosts a day would be overkill. A ghost a week just isn't enough. Thankfully, there's a sweet blog devoted to just one ghost...a day.

BooBerry rocks, btw. From Urban Outfitters

coffee. everywhere you need it.

Guerilla Communication just completed a tasty promotion for Coffees of Hawaii. In an effort to target athletes, their families and friends, they set up a floating espresso bar on the IronMan swimming course. People could swim up to the bar (during training week) and sample the deliciousness. While being informed that you could get Coffee of Hawaii brought to you wherever you live - whenever you want, thanks to the world wide webs. Mmmmmmm.

optimus prime rocks your friends

Not a new concept, but so perfectly executed, that it doesn't matter. Go spend your morning sending this to all of your friends.

I agree with Advergirl. Totally jealous.

aggregation. the solution for social media overload?

Fleet Street PR has an excellent post about the growing number of social media tools, and how there's less and less time in your life to use them. The graph above shows the number of social tools being used by the author David Fleet, over time.

This is the same dilemma that I hear from all of my blogger/social media friends. We're running out of time in the day. David points to the answer to all of our problems: aggregation.

Totally agree. But we need more of it. Faster. Now. I believe Facebook will become this in the near term. But there's another problem, too:

Content overload. I can no longer read all of my RSS feeds in a single day. Too many subscriptions. My Twitter feed is growing, and many days I miss important Tweets. I can see my Facebook newsfeed going in the same direction. I've decided not to participate in the Digg social profile/tool. Something's got to give.

Aggregation will be a part of the solution, but I fear that it's going to be necessary to limit the amount of content we consume, too. I've sadly nearly eliminated books from my life. No time. Replaced by RSS and other media. Aggregation can allow us to consume more, faster - but there's still a limit to the amount of media that a human can ingest. So...until Facebook can solve this problem for us, I think it still comes down to....content is king. The best will bubble up to the top, and the rest will sink to the bottom.

everything is miscellaneous

Michael Wesch has a new short film, titled Information R/evolution. Wow. A wonderous summation of how we categorize, read, track and share information.

bring your second life into your facebook life

Someone's create a sweet new application for Facebook that ties your Second Life to your Facebook life. Some would argue that if you have both of these, you have no life.

Anyway - the application lets you display your avatar on your Facebook profile, and indicate when you’re on and off line in Second Life. If your friends also have the app installed, you’ll be able to see each other’s avatars. Really cool idea.

this is how you launch a book

Joseph Jaffe's new book Join the Conversation just hit the stores, and he's managed an amazing feat. His book hit #2 on the business book charts (just under Alan Greenspan's book), and #26 on the overall Amazon charts yesterday. How did he do it? Bum rushing the charts.

By inviting all of his friends - his blog readers, his podcast subscribers, his Twitter followers, his Facebook friends and other social media join together on Sunday and purchase his book on

And they did. And his book cruised up the charts. No doubt getting noticed by plenty of people who are not a part of his social network. Hooray for Joseph, and the success of his new book - and hooray for social media - in yet another great example of how small audiences networking together can create something huge. Congrats Joseph!

this week at Plaid:

Here's what happened this week at the world's most gliding design and branding firm:

We returned Monday from our annual Plaid Planning Trip, pumped and ready to go. We've got some incredible ideas for the next 12 months, and can't wait to get some of our plans into action. You can see the wrap up and drunken video clips on our agency blog.

We're hiring
. We need a tech lead. Please tell your friends. This is the ultimate position for someone with the hot programming skillz, and some good project management talents.

We did loads and loads of work this week. Some stuff for Segway, Sony Music, Relient K, Danbury Hospital, Powderhouse Productions, Spherion, Iron Horse Bikes, K2 Bikes, and a few other fun companies.

We're talking about putting an addition onto our space, to accommodate some of the new hires we're making. Still waffling back and forth as to whether this is necessary - but things are starting to look a little cramped at the Plaid headquarters.

Which - today we moved all of our furniture out of the way....because our first Segway arrived!!! We are soooo stoked to have an official Plaid Segway PT. Watch me prove that it's important to wear a helmet, in the video clip above.

shop topless at ambercrombie

Oh, how I so love this. Improv Everywhere's latest stunt put hundreds of guys in Abercrombie & Fitch, and had them take off their shirts.

The Abercrombie greeter has no shirt, their 16 foot high point of purchase graphics have no shirts, so why not the customers? Hilarious.

something to put on your screen instead of work

This is cool. The original ZoomQuilt, released back in 2005, wasn't animated like this (if memory serves correct. And it usually doesn't anymore.) Anyway, check out ZoomQuilt II, and be totally mesmerized. Thanks Druyff! piracy to walk the plank

TechCrunch has a post today about the big media Superfriends that have banded together to take on video piracy. Microsoft, Viacom, NBCU, CBS, News Corp. and Disney have formed a consortium that is expected to unveil a new anti-copyright alliance tomorrow.

sacre bleu! france gets unlocked iphone

Aside from the possibility of running into Johnny Depp at a Paris cafe, there is really little reason to move to France, unless of course you want an unlocked iPhone. Its as if Steve Jobs WANTS you to hate him. Enjoy your new freedom phone France.

radiohead won't kill online music stores

Yesterday I was asked if the Radiohead experiment of releasing exclusively online and allowing fans to name their own price for their latest CD would threaten online music stores like iTunes and Rhapsody. My answer: Nope. This is more a threat to the major record labels and big-box retailers than the online music stores. This developing trend of artists like Madonna, Trent Reznor and Radiohead either going off-label or releasing digitally may actually be good for online music stores because as independent content owners, artists can negotiate distribution deals directly, rather than relying on their respective labels to do it for them and at a price. I expect artists to align with online music services rather than compete with them.

future of media consumption, summarized in one quote.

Beautiful quote from Robert Scoble, via Twitter:

"Wow, over past three days I've read more than 10,500 items among 900 feeds. Whew!

I don't skim. I "imprint" on each item. If it makes an impression due to a variety of things that I look for, then I read. Then I share. "


kids today.

WOW. Nothing that you don't already know if you read BrandFlakes regularly - but this is a stunning presentation of students today. Awesome.

virtual ouija board, just in time for halloween

Ask The Spirits lets you play with a Ouija board, without having to open a portal to darkness in your own home. Because ghosts can't get you, through the internet, you see. Ask The Spirits is a fun (if talking to a spirit-bot through the internet is your idea of fun) self promotional piece for TAMBA.

pez enters the art world.

A collection of hand adorned Pez dispensers. This would be a sweet idea for an art project - for an agency, as a creative exercise - or for students, who can then collectively display their work in a show. And you could put the pez candy in fancy bowls, for added art gallery flavor. Mmmmm. Pez.

"there's no trucks in world of warcraft!"

This gets funnier every time I see it. Great piece for Toyota. Found on Ad Goodness.

anna nicole comes to life as fire beast

First, the Pope. Now Anna Nicole has re-entered earth as a fire zombie. I hope that Joey Ramone comes to my bonfire. Hilarious.

is your out of the box marketing piece offending greensters?

AboutDesign makes a great point about a new ad insert for Yellow Tail Wines. He was offended by the ad. Not in the traditional way you might expect to be offended by advertising. There was no racy message, nudity or inappropriate language here. Richard was offended by waste.

Yellow Tail Wines produced an insert in RealSimple Magazine, where the ad incorporated blinking LED lights. You've seen this before - cute, and attention-getting. And probably a significant budget expenditure for the brand. What they didn't consider was that they'd also be putting hundreds of thousands of electronic parts into a landfill. Not a great practice for a product that originates from the earth.

It's not easy being green. Customer perceptions and cares are changing. And as creatives, we're not all accustomed to thinking about the impact of our physical campaigns. But some audiences are paying attention - as evidenced by Richard's post.

Before launching your next physical campaign, it may be a good idea to ask things like:
"what impact does this have to the environment?"
"how will my customers with environmental concerns perceive this piece?"

Because the best advertising can capture attention and be green.

mcdenim. mcd's mcriffic uniforms

What uniform designer decided that every uniform had to be constructed from baggy ugly color polyester? Why can't uniforms be made of denim? If the retail experience is an extension of your brand (and it is), then are ugly polyester pants really appropriate at all, for anyone?

I say bring on the Mcdenim jeans. Why should China have all the fun? While you're at it, get some McPuma's too.

we're hiring.

We're hiring a Tech Lead at our agency Plaid. Send this job description to your coder/geek/tech friends who kick your ass in Halo3:

Tech Lead
An agency full of creatives needs a geek to be our friend. We'll make you
cool, you'll make us error free.

As the interactive lead for an uber-hot agency, you'll:

+ Manage all programming and development for our interactive business.
+ Interact with outside developers and coordinate/manage all details of
+ Coordinate with designers/art directors needs, changes, and requirements.
+ Perform some programming for projects
+ Communicate with client IT personnel, to review needs and implementation

Skillz you've mastered:
+ Intimately familiar with html, javascript, PHP, Ajax, Flash and other current internet programming tools.
+ Ability to write code. The old fashioned way - not just with wysiwyg tools.
+ Project management master. Capable of pulling together (and scheduling, coordinating) multiple team members to get the job done.
+ Great communication skills, with ability to explain any of the above to designers and clients and people who generally won't know what you're talking about.

Plaid is the coolest agency in all of the world, sporting clients from entertainment industry to action sports to consumer brands and b2b. Name brands you know, and stuff you've never heard of.

Extremely relaxed and fun work environment, where you'll never wear khakis. (Unless you're into that sort of thing.) Profit sharing, 401(k), 100% paid health benefits, and a salary lower than you'd get at the big stressful agency.

Interested? Send resume to:


mini perplexes and teases and counts down

MINI just launched a new countdown site to promote their new clubman model coming out in November. At The Other View, you can see cool twisted video clips that will have you wondering. And then in a few days, you can see a few more, and wonder more. And then one day, the Clubman will be announced, and all will ok.

david bowie can shop at target now.

I love that skinny jeans and skinny ties are back. Although, I still can't bring myself to wear a tie. Maybe the next time someone dies, I'll get a new skinny tie for the funeral. Anyway, in case you need one - Target just announced their David Bowie inspired fashion line by Keanan Duffty. Sweet. From Make the Logo Bigger, via Twitter.

oskope makes visual search fun.

Oskope has just launched a visual search engine, that's pretty cool. I can't imagine using this for a research paper, but it's awesome for finding photography. Or a new shirt. Found on Brand Aid.

just say yes.

SwissMiss has found some outstanding advice for anyone with a customer. Which I guess would include just about everyone. And everyone in our business should read the original post from Ideas on Ideas. Awesome outlook on our business.

your salary in action

Here's a fun tool called "Your Salary" to help you visualize the mega millions that you're raking in every minute of every day.

Or a good visual tool to help you realize that you need a third job.

"poking" with a pitchfork

When anonymously sending animal crap through the mail just doesn't convey the pure hatred you feel for that not-so-special someone,  TechCrunch for this post about Facebook's evil twin, Hatebook: The ANTI-SOCIAL utility that encourages users to upload blackmail material, publish lies and earn "hate points."  I've already registered. 

your bill, their billboard, my nausea

This mortgage foreclosure has been sponsored by Crest White Strips and the new Ford Focus.  Today's Wall Street Journal has a story about banks, credit card and healthcare companies selling targeted advertising space on monthly bills in an effort to offset printing costs.  They call it "transpromotional marketing."  I call it kinda gross.  Nothing goes better with that nagging sense of fiscal helplessness like intrusive advertising.  We may have a credit and healthcare crisis, but if it gets people to buy stuff...yay!   

don't ever let me do your tattoo

Cake in London just created a fun site to promote the new Discovery Channel website. Where you can write on some dude's belly.

I haven't yet perfected my tattoo skills just yet, as evidenced by the image above. Maybe you can do better.

paper critters rock your laser printer.

Paper Critters is an awesome site where you can make your own critters. Out of paper. And print them. Or send them to your friends.

With this handy tool, your xmas shopping is all but done. Because you know all of your friends want paper toys. (I only bring that up because my mailbox is filled with xmas mailings.) Happy rocktober. Thanks Devon!

future of facebook = linked in?

So it's time for the IT departments to let their employees into Facebook. Some think it's the next big business networking tool. I agree.

plaid kicks back into action

We're back in action full swing today, after attending the annual Plaid Planning Meetings. Held at a resort in Mexico. A resort without wifi. Or high speed access. Loads of posts to follow in the next couple of days, including highlights of our trip over at our agency blog, blog.thinkplaid.

linkedin opening api for business app developers

Caroline McCarthy at CNET's The Social, has a post about LinkedIn's latest announcement that it will be jumping on the open API bandwagon later this year; allowing a select group of outside developers to create apps and widgets that have a true business functionality (where's the fun in THAT?).  This comes as good news to those of us that work with more corporate clients who want to take advantage of the social media marketing/branded widget land-grab started by Facebook.  In my humble opinion, the "Business" applications currently available on Facebook are the equivalent of that "Hot Stock Tip" spam you keep getting.  LinkedIn could own the market for in-network business apps; large corporations have more money to spend on developing these apps but until now they didn't have an audience.  Will be interesting to see if business software companies like Oracle, SAP, IBM start throwing resources at LinkedIn.    

cola wars get physical

Pennsylvania seems to be the latest battleground for the great Cola War between Coke and Pepsi.  No longer content to simply outdo each other via advertising and clever branding, apparently the two beverage giants have resorted to having their delivery people beat the crap out of each other.      

Internet spotty in Mexico. Blog posts coming to a halt.

I'm in mexico. At a very nice resort where we were assured there is Internet. Gahh! No wifi. No Ethernet In the hotel room. I am pretty certain that dudes locked in American prisons have more internet access than I do.

I am sending this post from my iPhone, through Paul, one of our programmers still In the states (sorry Paul) . Blogger unfortunately doesn't work on the magic iPhone.

We're taking loads of fun video in the meantime, and if i can hitch- hike my way to wifi, I'll be back with plenty of posts.

Meanwhile, I'm attempting to take the advice of some co- workers..."relax dude. Think of how productive our planning meetings will be."

I've always imagined hell as a really hot place without Internet. But the beach and margaritas have me confused.

More later.

the big plaid video experiment

We just purchased the Plaid design and brand crew these really sweet video cameras. Flip video cameras that record 640 x 480 digital video (60 minutes of video, without tape!) with built-in usb plugs. They fit in your pocket. Basically, a video camera designed for the YouTube generation. AWESOME IDEA.

Anyway - we're embarking on an experiment of sorts. Everyone's now armed with these cameras. So we're going to try video blogging. Not the vidcast-shot-from-the-laptop that everyone else is doing - but sharing our experiences, as they happen. (You can't carry your laptop camera into the Bodega, can you?) Funny, stupid, creatively inspiring, or people falling asleep at their desks. Low production, no edits, no soundtracks, just video clips. Whatever happens when we're recording.

The experiment kicks off tomorrow morning, as a bunch of us leave for Mexico. Should make for some fun video. We're traveling tech-lite (only ONE laptop!!), so we won't be uploading every hour, but I promise some good regular video. If we like the results of the experiment, we'll get cameras for the extended Plaid team, across the country. This could really be a cool, creative group video blog. Or a complete waste of time.

So as not to bog down BrandFlakes, we won't post here - but instead on our 'behind the scenes' agency blog - Stay tuned.

we're off to mexico!

Tomorrow morning, we're taking off for Mexico, to attend the annual Plaid Planning Meetings.

Blogging will likely be light for the next couple of days - but I'll bet Wilson Cleveland will pick up some of that slack.

Eliza, our copywriter supreme has supplied a few key phrases that we've asked the crew to memorize. (Note that I'm adding the word "supreme" to things, because that's what they do at Taco Bell. And that must be what it's like in Mexico, too.) With these language tools in our heads, we're sure to blend in real well:

How many beers for one American dollar?
¿Cuántas cervezas para un dólar americano?

Does this enchilada contain pigeon meat?
¿Este enchilada contiene la carne de la paloma?

Could my enchilada contain pigeon meat?
¿Podía mi enchilada contener la carne de la paloma?

Giuli is not for sale!
Giuli no está para la venta!

My drunken friends mean no harm
Mis amigos borrachos no significan ningún daño

Do you have a girly drink for Darryl?
¿Usted tiene girly una bebida para Darryl?

Is that hole in the ground the only toilet?
¿Es ese agujero en la tierra el único tocador?

Step away from the Justus, he can explode
Paso lejos del Justus, él puede estallar

Warning! Do not leave Dave alone with your womenfolk!
¡Advertencia! ¡No deje Dave solo con su womenfolk!

Where is the nearest Taco Bell?
¿Dónde es el Taco Bell más cercano?

There’s no need to be afraid of Rob’s pale skin
No esté asustado de la piel pálida del robo

Step back! Matt is licensed to kill
¡Parte posteriora del paso! Mate se licencia para matar

I want to apply for political amnesty
Deseo solicitar amnistía política

I like spicy food, please hurt me with your cuisine
Tengo gusto del alimento picante, me lastimé por favor con su cocina

Thanks Eliza!

gi jonny, now with telescope ass

Ummmm....this clip is not something you should send to your mom. But if you want to educate college (or high school) students that the risk of HIV is still very real, it's spot on.

And, there's a website too - where GI Jonny fans can watch the clip again - and get very real educational information. There's even details on how to sponsor your own GI Jonny event. Go, Jonny.

old navy sweater song climbing the charts

Adfreak points out that Ingrid Michaelson's song has made the iTunes top 10. After it was featured in an Old Navy spot.

Wow. People DO still watch tv. And people still PURCHASE music. Amazing.

wanna be a tv mogul, or just look like one?

I've been a frustrated TV network programming director my entire life. I feed off of the annual TV upfronts and salivate over the fall lineups where each network pits its best shows against one another. Imagine my glee when I discovered TV BigShot, Television Without Pity's new fantasy game that allows TV nerds like myself to brand their own television network and spend $300 million building their lineup with current shows all in a race to win $100k at the end of the TV season in June. You earn points based on the ratings (based on Neilsen Household 'HH' ratings) performance of the shows in your current lineup. The higher the ratings are for your shows, the more points are added to your score. Points can be used toward prizes like a video iPod. The player with the highest score at the end of the season wins the pot...and my disdain. In case you're wondering, my money is on Heroes, Bionic Woman and House.

a party that sucks

I love everything Diesel. Even when I can't comprehend what's going on in their ads.

not comfy in your own skin? try yourself as a third person.

Ok, this is a little bit confusing, but freakin' amazing. It's an an avatar machine. A crazy looking clunky device that you fasten to your body, so that you can experience your life as an avatar.

The camera records your image from the third person perspective - and then feeds that back to your virtual reality helmet. So you can go about your life in the third person. I soooo want to wear this to my next client meeting. Found on Reblog.
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