what local news can learn from david armano

This weekend, creative supermind David Armano was out riding his motorbike, and witnessed a train accident - and a heroic couple of teens that saved a woman's life. Being the super Twitter dude that David is, he Twittered the events.

Everytime I turn on the local news (or go to my local paper online), I'm disgusted at the lack of interesting or worthwhile content. And local news seems to struggle with viewership, struggle with subscriptions, and doesn't understand what to do about this internets thing. Or how to compete with the national media online, who have already embraced it.

What if every journalist could Twitter? Watching David's Twitter unfold over the weekend, you could feel the rush of adrenaline that he must have felt. Imagine having that kind of coverage throughout your community? Unique, engaging, and something you can't get anywhere else. Newspapers and local TV news crews are setup to make this a reality. Why not now?

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