this week at Plaid:

Here's what happened this week at the world's greatest design and branding firm:

Matt and I started the week off with a shoot for Westport Country Playhouse. A shot of a couple, a rabbit, and a noose. Typical day in theater, I guess. I got to play the role of Production Assistant, and hold the end of a noose up. Basically, a contest between the model/client and myself, to see whose arm will get tired first. (The client is a former Navy dude - so you can guess who won that contest.) Oh, the exciting things we get to do.

Rob nearly completed a sweet online promotion/contest site for David Gilmour. If the client supplies the last components (this means you, Lars), we'll be launching next week. Can't wait to share. He's also working on a new web 2.0 style tool that's going to totally rock.

Justus finished a couple of rough cuts for online videos, and Chris (new freelancer) produced one as well.

Bill wrote several strategy documents. Eliza put lots of words together, and Paul and Chris played with 0's and 1's. I have no idea what Matt or David did this week, but they sure seemed busy.

Giuli wins best person of the office this week. Because...she booked our planning MEXICO! We're all totally, totally stoked to go to the land of burritos and margaritas. Mmmmm.

Later in the week, I had the pleasure of meeting the crew at Powderhouse Productions. (Don't worry - that site will be totally rockin' in just a few weeks.) Most awesome group of people ever. I mean - not counting our existing clients, of course. Because once you've gone Plaid, you're pretty much awesome. Just a sea of awesomeness all around us. I don't know where I'm going with this - but they're super fun people that would have a blast drinking beer with our crew.

Last weekend of summer! And it's actually going to be nice. Plaidsters will be enjoying the rare New England sun. Have fun.

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