that's one nice pooper.

Think that maybe that guy is always there for you, ready to flush?

If you know us, or you've been to our agency, then you'll know we have this weird bathroom thing. Our poop room is painted safety orange. We keep all of our kabillions of awards in the room. And we stack our toilet paper in pyramids. Recently, we even installed the FlushMaster 4000.

So we got pretty stoked upon learning about the Cintas Best Bathroom awards. We'll definitely be submitting to this next time. See a nice gallery here.

Thanks Jen!


Anonymous said...

You know, Jungle Jim's is clever, with the portopotty entrances and stuff, but inside it just looks like any other bathroom. Not that cool!

(Love the Plaid Flushmaster photos, you guys are weird, a good way.)

Hal said...

aweswome. i love that you keep all the awards in the bathroom. adds even more meaning to the concept of a "throne room!"

also, i'm diggin' the Plaid t-shirt from the Flickr photo set. what do i have to do to get one? join the Official Plaid Fan Club?

MHB said...

Bold enough to post a photo series about your loo? And to brand the toilet? We heart Plaid, brilliant yall.

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