how firebrand lit a blog on fire

Today, I was treated like A-list media. Or at least the B-List. (Not bad for a C-list blogger.)

Here's the thing about B and C level blogs...we don't get media treats. I've spent some time in radio and the music business, and remember loads of fun, cool and eventful press conferences and events. (Like the time I pissed off Joe Jackson so much that he walked out of a press conference!)

But it's been a few years since those days, and I'm not treated to press events frequently anymore. Which is one reason that the FireBrand event caught my attention. They thought to invite bloggers like me to their press conference. By doing so, they made me feel like an important part of the conversation.

A convenient press conference, SUPER sweet promo goodies, and great background/publicity materials. Just an average day for mainstream media (or A-list bloggers), but something unique for the second tier.

There's a lesson here for other brands. Produce a nice old-school press event. And invite the blogosphere. Don't just send them emails. Think about what you might do to get the attention of The Today Show. Or FastCompany. Then, give 1/3 of that attention to 100 bloggers. In the end, you'll end up with a load of attention in the blogosphere, which will grow to the mainstream 'jaded' media anyway.

So, now I'm fired up about what they're doing. And I'll be blogging more detail about FireBrand shortly - but wanted to share a kudos to the brand for reaching out to bloggers in a first class way.


Anonymous said...

Don't sell yourself short (C-list? c'mon!) We definitely made an effort to take some of that focus on main stream and put it toward social media as well. In fact the main stream press people and social media press people for Firebrand worked very closely together on all fronts. Look forward to your future posts.

Jeff Wurtz said...

Darryl - How did they contact/invite you.

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