gulf launches new branding

While driving to Boston yesterday, I got to see the installation of the new Gulf branding, along the Mass Turnpike. (Even the sign guy pictured above, was proud of his work!)

If you can't tell by the crappy iPhone photo, they've put their logo on a background of blue sky and clouds. On paper, it looks great. In application, I think it begs to be one of those 'higher than the empire state building' signs that you see along the highway in the midwest. Graphics of clouds appearing over actual cloudy blue skies seems redundant and unnecessary. Why not leave the Gulf logo alone, in this application?

(They've also implemented versions where the logo bleeds off the signs - which look great.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Redesign the Gulf logo - think blue sky!"


(Refer to image for the end result of this incredible process)

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