geek marketers to infiltrate and take over the world

This is from earlier in the week, but if you didn't see it, worthy of a read. Steve Rubel talks about the trend of several Fortune 500 companies hiring "geek marketers."

Some really good discussion going on. I can see a huge benefit for most companies here. We too have a couple of clients with people in similar roles. And have a few who would benefit greatly if they did.

Think about it. Many CMOs are getting old. In their heads. Years of insulation, conference calls and meetings have left dust in their heads, and they get out of touch. I still meet very large clients all the time who don't yet understand blogging. And they'd benefit greatly from an evangelist inside the organization that can separate trend from fad, and cool tool from waste of time. Someone who could teach others in the organization about web 2.0. Or whatever.

Sometimes outside geeks can help, too. I'm looking forward to a blogger class that I'm giving for one client of ours - and stoked that they see the value. Hooray for the Geek Marketer. I'm on board.

(Weird Science pic for your enjoyment. First thing that came to mind with the word "geek.")


Hal said...

Kelly LeBrock is a good enough reason to post any pic.

David Plain said...

Almost makes up for the picture of the old people gettin' on.

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