firebrand is advertising tv

Nearly all of us have said at one time or another that there should be a channel devoted entirely to advertising. Firebrand just announced something even better.

A destination devoted entirely to commercials. Ads. All in one place. Well, actually - more than one place. They'll also have FireBrand on TV, on mobile and on-demand. Commercials wherever, and whenever.

Will there be enough content? One of the founders John Lack says "when we started MTV, we only had 26 videos." (And they didn't have the cavemen, either.)

They're arranging the whole thing around a really well designed dashboard, that allows users to explore and watch and get details and offers from the brands they're interacting with. Like watching a trailer, and getting a coupon for a discount to the show.

There's a pretty massive campaign set to promote the launch on October 22. See a lot of it on their YouTube channel.

I'm lovin' the concept. Can't wait to see the beta. I have a feeling that we'll all be spending loads of time there. Watching ads. Heh.

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