facebook could easily replace blogging

Please join Facebook today. (Look me up, once you're in.) This is getting more relevant by the minute. Some of the awesome web 2.0 evangelists (like Robert Scoble) are now posting videos exclusively to Facebook. I've just viewed about six videos that I'd LOVE to share with you, and can't. Until you're in Facebook.

I've only become a user recently, myself - and I've been doing more observing than actually participating. But I'm going to make a genuine effort to change that.

Yesterday, Facebook made what will prove to be a pretty massive announcement. They're opening up the site to search engines. Or at least their member profiles. (Members can choose whether or not they wish to be seen.) I imagine this trend will only continue. Why not have the entire monster crawlable?

Oh yeah, and it looks beautiful on the now-less-expensive iPhone. And the new touchscreen iPod.

So come on in. All of your friends are waiting.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There still needs to be places where people can't find you though. If everything becomes searchable, where will we be able to hide?


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