arrrr. happy talk like a pirate day!

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

And, though it isn't Dress Like a Pirate Day, even Johnny Depp will tell you that nobody likes a poorly dressed pirate. And that's why Cerado made pirate eye patches that ye can download to yer confuter and wear to meetings. Arrr. And, they've created a little pirate social networking community. Cuz even pirates love the web 2.0. Arrr.

Have a meeting with a new client today? That's the perfect place to practice and sharpen your pirate talking skills.

Ahoy, me name is Capn' Darryl. We be aimin' to cut you a swarmy website, eh?


Anonymous said...

arrrrrrr! glad ye enjoyed 'em!

Ben Kunz said...

Now I get it.

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