when music had art and package design

Back in the olden days, people bought music on plastic disks, called CDs. And each disk came with artwork dedicated to the collection of music. This was called 'album art' - the word 'album' derived from a previous music format, the record, that was popular back in the 1800's or something.

Anyway, for the handful of album art lovers still left on earth, check out Sleevage. A blog devoted to album art.

One of my all-time favorite album covers (even though I can't stand the band) is pictured above. In all of it's cool creepiness.

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Anonymous said...

I believe album art traces back to brandwise chanting monks in the Middle Ages who embellished songsheets longhand, before longplaying (LP)records and mass produced jackets edged them out. Picture's still worth a thousand for image building. Especially when no one gets your music.

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