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from your boss, to put into the interactive campaign that you hire an agency (like us) for. Here's proof (worthy of putting into that PowerPoint deck that you're working on) that interactive really, really works. This internet thing is going to be huge.

Remember the ShaveEverywhere campaign? Well, the results are in. Advergirl (and the NY Times) reports that 60% of Bodygroom buyers say they learned about the product via ShaveEverywhere.com. 60%.

EVEN BETTER: Before this campaign, the idea of a product specifically made for below-the-neck shaving barely existed. Today, the Bodygroom is one of at least four products in what’s seen as a distinct and fast-growing category; nearly 250,000 body-hair trimmers have been bought in the United States in the last year. A CATEGORY HAS BEEN CREATED.

Looking for even more goodness for your PowerPoint pleasure?? Check out this post by Joseph Jaffe, who offers up some sweet charts showing the power of word of mouth, interactive, and a conversation. WORD OF MOUTH, baby. And then, websites. Not banner ads. Not TV - but websites.

Put all that in your PowerPoint deck. And light the conference room on fire.

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